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Style No 1

Wine Cabinet 1

Our "No 1" style Wine Cabinet has been designed to hold 100 bottles as an item of furniture.

The Wine Cabinet was designed to fit into the resturant area of a Hotel, where an accessible stock of wines was required during service. The stock can then be secured at other times when the resturant is not in use but still open to passers by.

The wood finish is at the choice of the purchaser to suit any exisiting decor.

The doors are made with a central grill design, usually with a brass finish.

The internal bottle storage is made from our standard racking system, with the wood blocks stained to match the external wood work.

Variations in size to fit the item of furniture into a specific space can be made (in increments of approximately 100 mm), however there will generally be a maximum width of approximately 1250 mm and a maximum height of 2000mm.