Display Unit 1

This design is based on our standard range of wine racks which form the storage for the stock of wines. The central shelf is used to display the bottles of wine at a convenient height for customers to view the labels without the need to handle the bottles.

The unit can be made to suit the width of other gondolas in use in the store.

  • 9 hole - fits into 1m width gondola
  • 11 hole - fits into 4 ft width

We can make the unit to any width provided the increment is in units of 97 mm.

The usual height of the upper and lower racking is 6 holes. The lower rack can be made as a double depth rack to increase storage.

This design can be manufactured either:

  • As a shelf and two racks

    The customer then uses his existing gondola to support the central shelf and racks. This is particularly suitable where the wine display forms part of a much longer run of shelving.

  • As a complete unit

    This enables more customisation of the design in terms of the finish. A canopy and lighting system can also be installed.