Photograph of Blaye Racks

This photograph shows a pair of our "Blaye" design being used by a vintner at an exhibition in Earls Court. They were latter installed in the Vintners own premises.

At the time of the photo they were still setting up the display hence the unopened boxes and part filled shelves!

Working drawing of Display Unit 3

This design is primarily suited to retail situations.

The upright bottle displays the label to the customers, whilst they take their purchase from the stock in the section behind.

The upright bottle sits in a depression in the shelf and passes through a hole in the shelf above. This discourages customers from removing it from the display when making their selection.

The shelves are adjustable in height as wine areas traditionally use different heights of bottle.

The unit can be made 2 or 3 sections wide.

  • 2 section
  • 3 section

A lighting scheme can be incorporated in an optional canopy.