Measuring the space for racking and expressing that as a Wine Rack measurement is easy

- for us!

It is even easy for you!


But, there are a few things you need to do in order to get the rack/s you want.

These notes are intended to guide you through the process of meausring up, from the most simple situation to a large Cellar.

We suggest you save them as a file and view them off line as you may have to go and look at the space which presumably is not immediately adjacent to your PC.

We have split these notes into a number of pages:

Going down stairs and through doors

Racks do not bend!

Your cellar may be massive - we hope it is!

BUT if the way into the cellar is down a stairway, particularly if there is a bend in the stairway, then the biggest unit of racking you may use is the size which will go down the stairs.

Similarly, most doorways are at least 300mm shorter than the ceilings on either side. Although you can often tip a rack to go though the door, if you are coming from a narrow passageway, or if the room you are racking is not very deep, you may not have the space for the tip. Remember, when you try and put the rack vertical it is often the diagonal lenght which will be the problem.

We know this sounds obvious. But one of our customers forget this problem!

To over come this problem:

  • measure the narrowest space you are going to negotiate
    remember racks have three dimensions.
  • measure the space you want to fit
  • then work out how many of the largest size of rack you can use will fit that space.

Also remember:

  • split the racking up vertically (but see next note)
  • two racks are slightly larger than a single rack with the same number of holes BUT
  • you can get a hole for "free" by placing the two racks 97mm apart, thus creating a column between each rack.
For cellars where there is really difficult access, it may be necessary to split the racking both vertically and horizontally. In these circumstances it is probably much easier for you to send us a diagram and let us work it out!