In addition to our standard finsh on our racking, which is natural whitewood, we can supply stained racks.

Our standard colour is a dark brown.

This is not particualry specific in its colour, becaue variations occur between different batches of wood, and even within the same batch. Also the colour will change with age dependant on the amount of light in the space where the rack is placed. For most of our customers this has proved to be a satisfactory description and colour.

We are able to offer a service of matching the colour of the racking to a specific colour.

Customers wishing us to do so will need to send us a sample of the material they wish us to match. We will then prepare test blocks to try and obtain a close match.

It should be noted that woods being a natural sustance seldom take stain in a consistent manner. Thus although we may be able to get a very close match with the test block there can be some slight variations between the various blocks which make up the whole rack.

Note that the colour of the main depth of the rack (i.e. sides) often apears lighter than the ends of the wood visible form the front. This is due to the way in which the wood takes up the stain into the end grain.

However, colour differences in a rack are seldom a major problem. In use most of the wood which makes up a rack is hidden by the bottles and even when a hole is empty only the ends are readily visable.

The costs for staining are quoted on the Price List.

Occasionally, customers have stained their own racks. This we do not advise. Not becasue we want the work - the process of staining is actually rather a hassle for us! But, because we stain before assembly whilst it is easy to handle all sides and ends of a block. Once assembled it is much more difficult to reach the blocks and virtually impossible to avoid also staining the metal, it does not clean off that easily afterwords.

Materials Used

Over the years we have used a varity of stains from different manufacturers and of different types.

Experiance has shown us that the most consistent results comiserate with efficiency of application is to use a cellulosed based stain. This does require us to take some precautions during the staining process to ensure safe working. By the time the rack has been delivered to customers the varst majority of voluntile components in the stain will have long since evaporated. Thus although there may still be a smell of "new paint" in your cellar after installation, particulalry if doors are left closed for several days, this will soon disappear and carries no more risk than any other new decorations.

We have not yet found a water based stain which meets our need.

We seldom have more than half an "egg cup" of waste liquid left over after a staining session, so have no environmental impact in respect of disposal. Indeed the "waste" mostly evaporates before we could dispose of it.

Other Wood Treatments

Very occassionally customers wish to install their racking in damp locations or in buildings where there is a history of dry rot etc.

Where this is a known problem we have prepared our wood with an antifungal solution. Primarily this has been to ensure that our "new" wood in the building does not give any residual spores from the molds / fungi etc which previously affected the building a new "breeding ground".

If you potentially have such a problem give us a ring and we will advise in more detail what can be done.

But rest assured, this problem has only affected a couple of our customers in the past 20 years. So you are very unlikely to need this solution!